100L~1BBL Pilot Brewing Equipment |3-Vessel

HULK 100L Pilot Brewing Equipment Brewing Kit is specially customized for homebrew hobbies, entry-level Micro Breweries, Pilot Brewing System, or a full-scale Nano-Brewery production.
nano brewing systems

100% Flexible Design

Atmospheric top lid enable a direct inspection & clean of inner space.

You will be able to pilot brewing with your professional brewing recipe on this unit, nothing can be easier with such a complete system configuration, pipelines, wort pump&hot water pump, heat exchanger, etc.

A mini grain raker is optional to be added onto mash/lunter tun.


Effective Volume: 100L/1BBL
Dimension: 2100mm*770mm*1500mm
Gross Weight: 450 KG


Heating Method: Electric Elements
Rated Power: 13.1 KW
Control System: PID Semi-Automatically

Semi-automatic Control System

• Optional system volume from 100L to 200L
• You only need 2m² floor space to start your own brewing story
• All material & accessories included, enjoy your high quality mechanical operation
• Optional System power supply 110V/220V
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