Commercial Beer Brewing Brewhouse 3-Vessel Type

10BBL Commercial Brewhouse 3-Vessel

HULK Commercial brewhouse is combined with 2-Vessel Brewhouse, it’s the most traditional but popular brewing tools for medium to large breweries.

• Steam Heating
Brewing your batches high efficiently, electric & gas type steam boiler are available for your solution
• Customized
Custom-built brewing system to fit your individual needs

Traditional Process, Innovative Recipes

If you are looking for a cost-effective Brewhouse solution, won’t miss this out.
With Steam heating jacket, you can do both one-step and multi-steps infusion mashing without any problem.
• A -Mash/Lauter Tank
Combined functions, VFD Grain raker&sieve makes the brewing easier
• B -Kettle Tank
Boil up your wort in 1 hour under constant temperature control
• C -Whirlpool Tank
With separate tank, you can have your 2nd batch in loop at this stage. Finish your DOUBLE-BATCH in 8H!


Effective Volume: 1000L/2000L/5000L/Customized
Dimension: 5000mm*1000mm*2500mm /Customized
Gross Weight: Start from 600KG +


Heating Method:Steam / Electric
Rated Power: 5KW~72KW/ Depends
Control System: Semi-automatic PID/PLC Control

Turnkey Solution

• Platform with stairs and guardrails for combining the vessels in a compact unit
• Wiring & pipelines are installed&debugged in factory, you will receive a complete brewhouse ready to use, turnkey solution
•VFD Wort Pump&Hot Liquor Pump
•Manifold with TC butterfly process valves
•Wort Balance Tank
•VFD Rake plow motor & reducer
•Top Glass Manhole
•Outdoor Condensing Pipe
  • kettle for brewing beer
  • 7BBL glycol jacketed conical fermenter
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  • 3 bbl brewing system for sale
  • beer brewing container
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