Side Manhole Brite Beer Tank | S500L~20HL
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Brite Beer Tank | S500L~50HL

These tanks can be used for storing and serving carbonated beer and eliminate the hassle of cleaning beer kegs.
If you are bottling, canning, or kegging a brewery will typically have one brite tank for every 4-5 fermenters.
brite tank stainless steel

High Standard

Industrial Scale Brite Beer Tank, take your beers

• Effective volume: Customized (from 500L to 200HL)
• 20% head space
• Inner-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 3mm
• External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 2mm
• Cooling jacket: Dimpled plate on body and cone
• Insulation layer: PU-thickness: 80mm
• 100% high accuracy TIG welding
• Design pressure 0.3MPa(3bar/43psi); Working pressure 0.15Mpa(1.5bar/21psi)
• 160° degree cone bottom
jacketed brite tank

High Quality Fittings

• Side Manhole
• Pressure Releasing Valve
• Level Tube
• CIP 360°Spray Ball
• CIP Arm with Pressure Gauge
• Spunding Valve
• Sample valve
• Carbonation Stone
• Drain Port
• TC Glycol water inlet & outlet
Optional Parts:
• Sampling Coil;Lifting Lug; Ladder hook.
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