kombucha continuous brew equipment

Carbonation Tank

HULK Kombucha Brite tanks (also known as bright tanks) are used for carbonation of fermented Kombucha.

These tanks can be used for storing and serving carbonated Kombucha and eliminate the hassle of cleaning kegsKombucha will usually spend 2 days in a brite tank to clarify and adjust carbonation levels before bottling, kegging, canning,etc.
commercial kombucha brewing equipment

High Standard

• Effective volume: Customized (from 500L to 200HL)
• 20% head space
• Inner-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 3mm
• External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 2mm
• Cooling jacket: Dimpled plate on body and cone
• Insulation layer: PU-thickness: 80mm
• 100% high accuracy TIG welding
• Design pressure 0.3MPa(3bar/43psi); Working pressure 0.15Mpa(1.5bar/21psi)
• 160° degree cone bottom
scoby starter liquid tank

High Quality Fittings

• Side Manhole
• Pressure Releasing Valve
• Level Tube
• CIP 360°Spray Ball
• CIP Arm with Pressure Gauge
• Spunding Valve
• Sample valve
• Carbonation Stone
• Drain Port
• TC Glycol water inlet & outlet
Optional Parts:
• Sampling Coil;Lifting Lug; Ladder hook.
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