300L~500L Conical Top manhole Fermentation Tank
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Conical Fermentation Tank T300L~500L

designed for those brewers looking to step up their fermentation games from limited volume to 100L~400L.

•Every fittings are passing QC process before shipping out.
•Choosing high standard 304 ss material, based on the aesthetic design gist of industrial product, we build this T-fermenter with the best structure to bring you a better beer fermenting.
stainless steel fermentation tank

Features | High Standard Manufactured

be able to support your brewing needs as you expected.

• Effective volume: Customized (from 100L to 500L)
• with 20% head space
• 100% high accuracy TIG welding
• Insulation layer: PU-thickness: 80mm
• 60° conical degree
• Design pressure 0.3MPa(3bar/ 43psi); Working pressure 0.15Mpa(1.5bar/21psi)
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Configuration | High Quality Fittings

• Inner Wall=3mm, outler Wall=2mm, with 1.5mm dimple glycol cooling jacket on body and cone
• Top Manhole
• CIP 360°Spray Ball
• CIP Arm with Pressure Gauge
• Preasure releasing Valve
• Sample valve
• Temperature Gauge
• Beer outlet
• Drain Port
• TC Glycol water inlet&outlet
• Optional configurations:
Spunding Valve;Carbonation Stone (Unitank);Dry Hops Adding Port;Racking arm
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