Horizontal Brite Beer Tank | 500L~20HL

Horizontal Brite Beer Tank | 500L~50HL

HULK Horizontal Brite Beer Tanks are specially designed for the storage of finished beer under pressure until it is ready to be packaged or served. Horizontal type serving tank can be with single set or stacked sets, saving brewery space, also convenient for serving and maintainence.
• Economic
- Save most of your labors from fermentation tank to kegs.
• Attractive
- Consumers love beers, also love to see how their drinks coming out, it offer a visual advantage in your taproom.
Brite beer tank

Features | Customized Design

100% Customized Horizontal Brite Beer Tank, bring your beers into the NEXT level!

• Effective volume: Customized (from 500L to 200HL)
• Inner-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 3mm
• External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 2mm
• Cooling jacket: Dimpled plate on body and dome head
• Insulation layer: PU-thickness: 80mm
• 100% high accuracy TIG welding
• Design pressure 0.3MPa(3bar/43psi); Working pressure 0.15Mpa(1.5bar/21psi)
• Stackable

Configuration | High Quality Fittings

• Front Manhole
• Preasure Release Valve
• Sample Valve
• Carbonation Stone
• Level Tube
• CIP 360°Spray Ball
• CIP arm with Pressure gauge
• Spunding Valve
• Drain port
• Temperature Probe
• 5° slope bottom design
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