Keg Filling Machine single/double head type
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Keg Filling Machine

HULK Keg filling machine whole structure, all single parts and pipelines are made of stainless steel with a construction easy to maintain.

▪ Apply for kegs with diameter range ofφ250~φ500, height range of 360~600mm, A,S,D,G connection type(optional)
▪ Filling capacity: 50~60pcs/h(single head); 100-120pcs/h(double heads) ▪ Siemens 200 Smart control system

▪ Working procedure: Pressing→CO2 Spare Pressing→Filling until arrive at setting parameter→Stop
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Single head Keg Filling Machine

Single head Keg Filling Machine available in stock.
Dimension= 0.60X0.65X1.57M, gross weight=70KG.
Please contact HULK sales representative for further details.
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