Smart CIP Cart

CIP short for Clean In Place. When your brew day is done, the cleaning begins.Our smart CIP cart makes easy work of cleaning so you can get to that position for a convenient job.

It's available in a range of sizes to fit your brewery's demands.

Effective Volume: 30L, 50L,100L,200L/Customized

Alkali tank, Disinfection tank, CIP Pump, mobile cart, Control Panel(optional)
Item No. Effective Volume Dimension
HULK-SCIP-30 30L 900*500*1000mm
HULK-SCIP-50 50L 1060*500*1100mm
HULK-SCIP-100 100L 1500*650*1250mm
HULK-SCIP-200 200L 1850*750*1450mm
Customized ... ...
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