Stainless Steel Sparkling Wine Fermentation Tank

•Adopt International Standard Food Grade SS 304/316 Material.
•Supply Turnkey Wine Fermentation Solution.
•Approved By ISO, CE, UL, TUV, Etc.

High Standard Manufacture technology

•Material: All SS304 [Standard].
•Welded parts: All SS316.

• Inner Surface:2B.
• Outer Surface:Oil brushed.

• Cooling Jacket: Dimple plate [Standard]
• Channel Jacket available.

• Inner Weld Seam Treatment:After polished, pickled and passivated (Ra ≤ 0.4μm).
• Outer Weld Seam Treatment: Retain weld bead height, can keep the welding joint.

Configuration | High Quality Fittings

• Square slag manhole.
• CIP 360° spray ball.
• Breathing valve.
• Sample valve. Gauge
• Temperature guage.

• Axial valve.
• Filtering device.
• Drain valve.
• Liquor level device.
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